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>> announcer: today on an all-new "dr. phil." their teen is a nightmare. >> what kind of respect is that? >> but it's mom and dad -- >> dr. phil: you spit in her face? >> announcer: who need a wake-up call. >> dr. phil: she beat you and you're telling me you're doing the right thing? >> you're destiny. >> dr. phil: if you're such good parents, why is this in such a bad spot? >> calm down. >> tiffani needs help. >> dr. phil: it's this family that needs help. >> let's do it! >> if we're going to do something that matters, we have to deal with the truth. >> have a good show. here we go. >> dr. phil: if i can help get this family back on track, are you willing to do that? >> this is going to be a changing day in your life. >> go, dr. phil! [cheers & applause]
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>> dr. phil: how are you? thanks very much. thanks very much. yesterday we did something that i've never done before. i asked the audience to choose which rebellious teen they wanted to meet first. tiffani or nicky. take a look at sweet little tiffani. >> shut the [bleep] up. >> she's [bleep]. >> dr. phil: and here's darling nicky. >> get her, nicky. kick her in the [bleep] face. >> when the youtube videos go around and you talk about it, it's like i beat your ass. it's funny. >> dr. phil: these girls are so out of control. you want to see tiffani first, raise your hand. if you want to see nicky first, raise your hand. the verdict is in. we're going to start with nicky. >> nicky brags about fighting all the time.
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>> i have broken somebody's nose. >> she wants to put it on youtube or facebook for people to say. >> dr. phil: you pulled a girl out of the shower and beat her up. they will put you in jail for a long, lon time. >> i didn't want to come on here so you guys can try to embarrass me. my fighting is a result of what i've been through. >> dr. phil: you think you're betty bad ass, you'll meet some fighters in prison. they will whip your ass before god gets the news. >> i'm sitting here and trying to keep my cool the best i can. >> dr. phil: do you think i know what i'm doing? >> yes, i do. >> dr. phil: then don't tell me how to do my job. we ran out of time so we didn't get to tiffani's story. so today it's tiffani's turn. according to her dad, tiffani was once a perfect angel of a child. she was even on the honor roll. well, now she's 15 and her parents say she's terrorizing
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the entire family. >> shut up! shut up! >> tiffani -- >> you're [bleep]. >> my daughter, tiffani, is a beautiful girl. but inside, she's very brutal. >> shut up! >> okay. stop. >> this is -- >> very mean, evil. tiffani has been caught stealing makeup, drinking in the school premises. stealing her grandparents' car. >> she's been in fights at school. she was been in fights with her mom. >> [bleep] through it all. yeah! >> what kind of respect is that? >> the same respect you're giving me. >> i fight with my mom every day now. >> she gets in my face and say you want more! >> if we don't leave each other alone, when we get that far -- >> one of the worst fight we got into got violent. i got mad. she got mad and spit on me.
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after that she started throwing punches, kick and fighting. >> tiffani beat the crap out of me. >> she's asking you what -- okay. >> shut up! >> what happened between you and sam -- >> she threatened to push me out of the balcony of my house. my son was there and see the whole thing. got terrified and called the cops. >> i know the police department by a first-name basis. she's told them to bleep off. tiffani does not respect any authority. >> i do whatever i want, when i want to. nobody can tell me no. i feel like a prisoner at my own home. when i come home from work, i have to check my door, make sure it's locked. going room to room, seeing where she's at, checking knives. anything that i can think of. the last incident tiffani had threatened kill me. she said to my sister-in-law, if she had a gun she would shoot me and then shoot herself.
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>> i've said i'll kill you to my mom. >> i am afraid for my life right now. >> dr. phil: how did you get in this situation? >> the authorities. >> dr. phil: that's not true. children are not born with an attitude about authority. >> to be honest, i have no idea how she is. there's a series of eventses that happened in our family. without her describing and talking to us, we really don't know the root cause. >> dr. phil: okay. guys, you have to help me here. i just got here. you've been living in this for a long time. to say i got no idea how this girl has become so combative, so enraged, so out of control that she's beating the crap out of you and you fear for your life and you have no theory about
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where this came from? >> it started when 7th or 8th grade she wanted to hang out with a friend. it become more and more she want to have fun. basically she wanted to hang out with friends and that's where she just wanted to have fun. >> dr. phil: okay. how does that get to the rage? she just wants to have fun. do you discipline her? >> yes, we did. we took her cell phone away. >> we've done all kinds of -- we've stripped her room. we've grounded her. we've done everything. she doesn't care. she does not care. she threatens it. go ahead, take it away! you know, i had tiffani arrested for assault on me. this was two years ago. tiffani is extremely, verbally abusive towards me. i am still, whether you like it
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or not, your father. >> you're dead to me. i don't care. >> she has provoked me. she says hit me and your ass will go to jail. >> she's asking me -- >> shut up. >> the breaking point with tiffani in our relationship is when i did have her arrested. >> when i was 13, me and my father had got into an altercation. >> i can remember that day clear as anything. i was going to take tiffani and michael and their friends up to a hotel. while in the elevator, tiffani leaned over and mentioned who her cousin, watch how upset i can get my parents. tiffani looked at me and said when the f are we going to eat. >> calm down, get situated. no, no. she start screaming. her dad went over and said tiffani, you need to calm down. she started throwing punches. >> there was scratching,
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pulling. she hit me. threw a shoe at me. that's when i had to hold her down on the bed. she was kicking and screaming and yelling at the top of her lungs. >> i was kicking and screaming. >> other people at the hotel were a witness to this. we had people on their cell phones calling the police. after the police interviewed everybody, it was determined that tiffani did initiate the fight. we decided to press charges. i felt that was going to teach tiffani a lesson. >> i didn't deserve that assault charge. it wasn't just me hitting him. it was him hitting me. he left marks on me but they booked me because i scratched him. >> i believe tiffani does have anger issues towards me. >> [bleep]. my life has been threatened. he doesn't deserve me. it's going to come back to him. >> dr. phil: so i've been listening to see if there's any
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insight here on ya'll's part that -- as to what you might be doing to contribute to this situation. i don't know the cause yet. i haven't met her yet. i going to. when i look at the situation, for me it's a different yeah diagnosis process. i start by ruling out the big things and then try to get into what is what. is the parenting the way it should be, is this a reaction to that sort of thing. and you guys are telling me now. we discipline her, we do the right things. >> consistency was definitely a big factor. we were -- i was more the soft one. she was more the disciplinary one. we would ground her for two weeks and after a week, you know, i would start giving her stuff back. >> dr. phil: well, let's -- you talked about stripping her room, right? let's take a look at that. tiffani's parents say every time tiffani gets out of jail, her behavior gets worse. bob and levi say when they
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stripped her room bare and took off her door, tiffani went ballistic. as it turned out, our cameras were there that day. so we were able to catch some of this just happening organically. this wasn't planned or set up. it just happened. take a look. >> when i saw my door moved from my room, i got angry and pissed off. >> where is the door at? shut up. >> i said -- >> where is the door at? >> this is my house, tiffani. >> shut the [bleep] up. >> stop. >> my room was filled with everything a girl can dream of. >> you won't throw it out. >> what kind of respect is that? >> the same respect you're giving me. i want my [bleep] back. i don't want help. shut up. what kind of respect is that when you know how i feel about him? >> he's your dad. >> i don't give a [bleep]. >> don't talk to me like that. >> i'm telling you, i don't give a [bleep] if he's my dad. >> calm down.
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>> i'm not calming down until i get [bleep] in the house. >> dr. phil: she's yelling profanities at you and screaming at you. she does it with you. what do ya'll do when that happens? >> you know, it used to be when she would get to screaming and yelling, it would be an argument. a yelling match back and forth. now it's basically you have to -- i have to turn away and just -- you know, she wins. there's nothing you can do. there's nothing that i know what to do. >> dr. phil: are you two consistent between the two of you? >> i'd say more so now than before. but now, you know, we're going through our situation. you know -- it's -- >> dr. phil: why are ya'll here? i think the two of you couldn't screw this child up any more if
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you had gone into a lab and created her like weird science. he says he came this close to being one of sandusky's chosen boys. >> jerry sandusky was part of a pedophile rink. they traded me for sex when i was 15. >> announcer: tomorrow -- >> sandusky and another pedophile are passing around these nude photos of me and exchanging them like baseball cards. >> announcer: a dr. phil exclusive. >> she starts rubbing on my shoulder and punching me. he made arrangements to go to a
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>> dr. phil: we are ya'll here? seriously, tell me what your objective is in being here. i don't get it. >> dr. phil, right now levi is extremely scared at her house. tiffani has gotten a lot worse. her behavior has gotten worse over the last year. it's very dangerous. i'm scared for her safety. i'm scared for levi's safety. she needs -- ffani's behavior is out of control. >> dr. phil: you guys are getting a divorce. >> correct. >> dr. phil: you're living in different homes. how long has that been going on? >> since january. >> dr. phil: so almost a year, right?
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and her behavior has been getting worse for a year. i'd say are you consistent with her? well, better now than before, which doesn't answer the question. before you were not consistent at all, correct? he was -- he would never stick to anything, true? >> we tried at first, but like i said, it's becoming to be a problem. but the last three, four years, tiffani has been aggressive. we try and we try. she just turn around and always blaming us. and then we work different hours. he would call. just blow the story out of proportion. >> dr. phil: anything else? >> the reason we here is tiffani needs help. we got therapy, we -- >> the whole family needs help. we recognize that. dr. phil, we've had counselors,
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anger management. we've done everything that yes can think of doing. she has two probation officers. we've worked with them to work things out. >> dr. phil: i think the two of you couldn't screw this child up any more if you had gone into a lab and created her like weird science. that's what i think. you are inconsistent between the two of you, you're inconsistent within yourselves. you've modeled bad things for her. you don't react when she's out of control and you have let this fester to the point that you now are rightly in fear of your life. rightly in fear of your life. come on. i don't know what these other counselors told you, but you are not doing the right things here. you are not doing what is necessary to get this girl under control. >> we punish the minute that she give us an attitude. we start everything. we follow up on her.
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you grounded, yes, we take this and that away. >> it's hard to be -- it's hard to punish tiffani especially when she gets in your face and she will say, i don't care, you ground me, i'm still going out. i don't know what else to do. >> we grounded and grounded. we got calls twice a week. >> dr. phil: can i ask you a question? are you here to defend your parenting or improve it? >> to improve it. we're here to get tiffani some help. >> dr. phil: it isn't tiffani that needs help. it's this family that needs help. >> and us too, yes. >> dr. phil: thank you. seriously, it's the whole unit here. it's the whole unit here. you're defending this like oh, we discipline her. if you're so right, why is your daughter so wrong? >> right. >> dr. phil: she spit in your face. she knocks you to the ground and beats the crap out of you and
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you're telling me you're doing the right things? based on results, i don't think so. >> that's just it. i think we've looked at so many different ways for -- to help the whole family, including us. we recognize our issues as well. >> dr. phil: i'm not sure you do. i'm not sure you do recognize those issues. somebody needs to give them to you in sharp release so you can. >> in her opinion, we are the worst parents in the world. we are absolute worst. >> dr. phil: tiffani's brother made a reporting of his sister screaming at their mom. she was locked out of the house and wanted to get in. let's see with what you're dealing with her. >> i locked tiffani out of the house because i don't trust her. >> my mom starts accusing me of stealing her things. >> i think tiffani took my document, my social security, my car title. my citizenship. gone. >> i don't have it.
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>> she locks me out of the house. >> i don't have [bleep]. >> you have it. >> i don't have it! let me inside. >> not -- >> let me inside. >> stop it before i call the cops. >> let me inside. >> you don't act like that. >> well stop accusing me of something i didn't [bleep] do. >> dr. phil: that's what you're defending. does that seem like a -- and you spit in her face? >> she tried to get violent with me. >> dr. phil: you spit in her face? that's a yes or no question. >> we both did it. i have my phone charged. i asked her tiffani, give me my phone. she wouldn't do it. she wouldn't do it. she just keep -- keep going at it. next thing you know she's in my face. we're at each other's face.
4:21 pm
we keep talking. and there was spit and i thought she spit it on me. she start punching and throwing. just beat the crap out of me. i tried to walk away. she just follows. like tiffani, don't follow me. just let go. it's like no, you want some, you know. oh, i wish she -- i could push you out. that's when i start walking out of the room. trying to walk away from her. >> dr. phil: do you have a question for me? a specific question for me? >> please help me. help me out with my daughter. get some help. i'm scared for my life right now. she needs help. >> dr. phil: have you told your daughter that you know what? i'm surprised you're not
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pregnant. have you said that to her? and later -- >> shut up. >> i'll do what i want whenever i want. >> dr. phil: how is that working for you? >> i get what i
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>> dr. phil: you are in danger. you really are. you're not being dramatic about that. i believe this girl could accidentally or otherwise -- you could get seriously hurt.
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i don't want that. do you? >> no. >> dr. phil: you don't want her to get in trouble even for hurting you uchlt . but why are you defensive? you're not it's not working. >> wife tried everything we can think of. >> dr. phil: i didn't want to waste time again. you say we've taken the advice and done what we've been told. have you told your daughter, you know what? i'm surprised that you're not pregnant. have you said that to her? >> i might have. >> dr. phil: did you say to her that you're a worthless piece of [bleep]. >> i don't care. >> dr. phil: she says you did. you admit that you called her a dumb ass. you brought her a flat screen tv, custom painted her room. boom box. cell phone. you didn't agree with it but you
4:26 pm
did it. >> right. >> dr. phil: when she was 12. we're not agreeing here. you want one thing, you want another. kids know that. they divide an conquer. caught her smoking, no consequence. fights at school, no consequence. just a lecture. when you stripped her room, you left the television. >> that's the thing -- >> dr. phil: is it a flat screen? >> right. >> dr. phil: okay. you're in a lot of trouble. i'm stripping he down except for your flat screen. >> right. i mean, of course, there's more to the story and -- >> dr. phil: i'm sure there is. >> it's not exactly like that. >> dr. phil: she calls you robert instead of dad? >> currently she calls me robert. >> dr. phil: do you feel guilty when you punish her? >> i used to, yeah. >> dr. phil: so you'd kind of make up for it the next day? >> right. with my kids -- my kids have always come first. anybody that knows me knows that we are great parents. i'm a great father.
4:27 pm
we have beautiful children. they're very fortunate for what they have. and the accusations tiffani made against me and levi are not completely true. i do -- >> dr. phil: we're going to meet her in a minute and see that. have you called her a fast pig, prostitute and a bitch? >> no. >> dr. phil: she says that. we'll take them one at a time. >> she puts the worst in my mouth. she say let's go out and eat. every time she see me, let's go eat. let's go eat here. no, tiffani. we have food in the house. we have to eat it. i'm going to call the cops on you because you don't feed me. i go, tiffani, who are they going to believe? i'm not saying -- i feed you. they're not going to believe you. so now you're calling me a fat pig? >> she manipulates the situation very well. she's done it with her second probation officer. she's done it with the courts, with the judge. she's very, very good at
4:28 pm
switching stories and making -- >> dr. phil: so -- >> making the reality not -- >> dr. phil: we're going to meet her, i guess. she's young, she's beautiful. out of control but she is young and beautiful. so when we come back, tiffani will join us. [applause] >> tiffani is a spoiled brat. >> the only time tiffani is nice to me is when she wanted something like new clothes, new shoes, makeup. >> did you not have a cell phone, an ipod, a flat screen, a queen size bed? did you not have everything? >> i want me [bleep]. i don't care. i don't need to explain myself to you. i'm going to get my [bleep]. you did not pay for all that. i paid for most of it. you didn't to give me my [bleep]. you're not keeping it.
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>> the car is not even [bleep] open. >> tiffani's language could make a truck driver blush. >> the worst things that's said to my dad is that he's a dead beat alcoholic father. >> she could call me stupid. >> i'd tell mom it's america and she needs to learn how to speak english. >> you're dead to me. >> dr. phil: i've been talking to levi and bob about their daughter tiffani. she was released from juvi last week. it's her third time there. tiffani is with us now. do you want to be here or are you here because -- >> no, i want to be here. >> dr. phil: why? >> because i want help. >> dr. phil: with? >> with my anger. >> dr. phil: do either of these
4:33 pm
two have any position of authority in your life? >> not much now. because lately it's just gone to the point where i'll do what i want whenever i want. >> dr. phil: how is that working for you? >> i get what i want. >> dr. phil: do you? you seem miserable. i mean, i watch you yelling and screaming and you have all this pain in your face. you seem miserable. if you're in charge, i would -- if you're in charge of my life and it was going like yours, i'd fire you. >> when i'm home, that's what happens. >> dr. phil: why is there conflict here between you and then? >> resentment. >> dr. phil: what do you recent? >> my mom. >> dr. phil: for? >> my dad and me. all that just builds up. resentment. >> dr. phil: when did your dad hit you? >> he did on and off. and i got an assault charge when i was 13 years old.
4:34 pm
>> that's not true. >> it's true. >> we've had the police out how many times to the house. >> multiple. >> doing full reports. how many times did social services come out? >> three. >> and investigated every accusation. >> three. >> if there was any physical conflict between you and me or mom or even michael -- >> i had an assault charge when i was 13 years old. >> and you're saying here that i hit you, i'm abusive and mom is the same. that's not true. >> i never said mom was abusive. >> you said dad hit you. >> no, that's not true. >> that's not true. >> dr. phil: let's -- >> can i -- >> no, you can't talk. i'm talking right now. >> dr. phil: i want to know what's the truth. are you telling the truth or playing the victim? >> i'm not playing the victim. yeah, i hit back. yeah, that day i got the assault charge, i was on the bed talking to my cousin. you came up to me.
4:35 pm
you pushed me on the bed. pulled my hair on the floor. >> can you explain what happened prior to that? >> me and mom had a fight that morning. you tried, coming at it with me. >> can you describe the situation where you told -- >> dr. phil: let me ask you why you're asking this. are you wanting to prove that she's wrong? >> yeah, why are you asking me. you know the story. >> dr. phil: when we changed chairs around, you said i don't want to be perceived as a bad parent. >> dr. phil: i didn't think that's what it was about, whether you are a good parent or bad parent. i thought it was about to stop this volatile situation before somebody gets hurt. >> yes. >> dr. phil: if we're interested in your perception, then straighten us out on that so we can move on. >> absolutely. >> i did not just come up to you to hit you. >> dr. phil: is it suffice it to say this is a false accusation on her part? >> i think that's what she's trying to -- >> no, i'm going through my time, my punishment for it. for hitting back. he gets nothing.
4:36 pm
he gets nothing. all the times that he has hit me, my mom has not done anything. she's sit there and watched. that is why i resentment. he has never apologized for it. that's why i recent it. she likes to do it. >> dr. phil: how does he hit me? >> he pulled me hair. he scratched me one time. >> so your scratch and pulling hair -- >> pulling hair, scratching me. kicking. >> me and grandma picked you up. you were out all weekend long. >> mom let me. she dropped me off. she knew where i was. >> you were out all weekend long. you called me and asked me to pick you up. me and grandma picked you up. i told grandma, don't say anything when she gets in and all the way to mom's house. and when we got into the driveway, grandma said, tiffani, do you know what it's like for -- do you know what it's like for a parent to not know where their kid is all weekend long? >> that's not true.
4:37 pm
>> that's not true? >> the whole car ride back, you were saying, oh, i'm so glad you're not pregnant right now. you saying that makes me feel so bad. like really? you think i'd get pregnant hat 15? like you know me better than that i'm not going to. >> you made it a point -- >> dr. phil: i'm not going to sit here for this he said/she said. i'm not going to do it. i don't know what is wrong with you people. i'm not trying to be rude. i'm just frustrated because -- see, i come into this with an agenda. i want to get to action steps and moving things along. i spent the entire time arguing with you people. at this point, neither one of you have gained one thing from being here. true? you're sitting there arguing. no, no, didn't happen. didn't happen. come on! if you guys are such good parents, why is this in such a bad spot? at some point you'd say based on results, we must not be doing the right thing. based on results, we need a re-do. we need a restart. we need to do something
4:38 pm
different. this situation is a product of family dynamics. this isn't a product that you have some kind of screwed up daughter here. now, she is a smart-mouthed disrespectful, out of control combative daughter. i get it. okay? true? >> you can say that. i can be. >> dr. phil: i did say that. and admit it. it's true. >> it can be true. >> dr. phil: okay. you guys as parents, come on, you're inconsistent, you're not consistent between the two of you, you're not consistent with yourselves. you get in fight where you're spitting back and forth and yelling and screaming. i mean, come on. you're supposed to be the adult here. >> she just don't want to listen. she come -- >> dr. phil: i wonder where she gets that. >> i used to be daddy's little girl. it hurts. like yeah, they split up.
4:39 pm
i always held my mom and dad together. they split up. how am i supposed to deal with that? >> announcer: tomorrow -- >> dr. phil: a former child prostitute says he can link jerry sandusky to a high powered pedophile ring. >> he rubbed on my shoulder and punched me. he made arrangements to go to a hotel and have sex with him. >> dr. p tasty l'il critters gummy vites complete contain key vitamins without artificial colors like red dye #40. l'il critters: america's number one children's brand. starts with ground beef, unions, and peppers baked in a ketchup glaze with savory gravy and mashed russet potatoes. what makes stouffer's meatloaf best of all? that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. let's fix dinner. i love my extrabucks rewards, and right now, they're doubling! so, when i shop --
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>> dr. phil: okay. here's what a typical day looks like at bob and levi's house. take a look at this. >> mom -- [screaming]. >> shut the [bleep] up.
4:42 pm
don't talk [bleep] at me. >> no. shut -- you don't even [bleep] here. stop. >> what happened? >> you're a piece of [bleep]. >> stop. >> is that how -- >> yeah. >> what kind of respect is that? >> the kind of respect you're giving me. >> shut up. >> tiffani. >> get out. >> calm down. >> i want my [bleep] back. i don't want it at his house. shut up. shut up. what kind of respect is that when you know how i feel about him? >> he's your dad. >> i don't give a [bleep]. >> don't talk to me like that. >> i'm telling you, i don't give a [bleep] if he's my dad. >> calm down. >> no, i'm not calming down until i get my [bleep] back and out of his house. >> dr. phil: that's a terrible way to live. what do you think of your role in this? >> because my mom knows how i feel about my dad. he will not give me the time.
4:43 pm
i don't know how to deal with it. that's why i need help. i need help trying to, you know -- like -- trying to deal with my issues. with my depression and all that. i need time. she doesn't understand that. i need time to myself and maybe later i can work on my relationship with my dad. right now i can't. i do not have the power to. they can't hear me out. they can't. >> dr. phil: all right. hold on a second. i'd like to speak to your daughter alone with ya'll's permission. is that okay? bones, let's take the parents off. leave the chairs here. tell me what you want. what is a victory for you at this point in your life right now? what would you have if you said, wow!
4:44 pm
i don't know what happened, but this is great. what would have to happen? >> i want therapy for myself. >> dr. phil: i'm sorry? >> i want therapy. i need to try to find the right therapist. going therapy after their -- therapy after therapy. i'm overwhelmed. you know, my mom doesn't talk to me. we don't have communication, we don't have the relationship where we can understand each other. she doesn't understand i need time to try to build the relationship with my dad. me and my dad's relationship is so -- you know, like conflicted. it's broken. you know? i used to be daddy's little girl. it hurts. like yeah, they split up. i always held my mom and dad together. they split up. how am i supposed to deal with that? it's overwhelming. that's why i'm so overwhelmed and i take it out. that's why i need anger
4:45 pm
management. i need to try to find a way to help myself, not to get so angry. i can't live this way anymore. i'm done living that way. >> what do you want? >> i want help. i want to try and help myself first and try to work on me and my mom's relationship so we can talk to each other without having to yell at each other and have the same respect. they looked at it so much as oh, you need to give respect. they blame me. they pointed the fingers at me. they even said they blame me for the split. my mom says it's your fault that we split.óíñwfoñ-e# kids... they'll tell you exactly what they're thinking... especially my niece. the moment she pointed out my moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis...
4:46 pm
well, it was really embarrassing. so i had a serious talk with my dermatologist. this time, she prescribed humira-adalimumab. humira helps to clear the surface of my skin by actually working inside my body. in clinical trials, most adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis saw 75% skin clearance. and the majority of people were clear or almost clear in just 4 months. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal events, such as infections, lymphoma, or other types of cancer, have happened. blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure have occurred. before starting humira, your doctor should test you for tb. ask your doctor if you live in or have been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. tell your doctor if you have had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have symptoms such as fever, fatigue, cough, or sores. you should not start humira if you have any kind of infection.
4:47 pm
make the most of every moment. ask your dermatologist about humira, today. clearer skin is possible.
4:48 pm
>> if you're going to be in the los angeles area and you'd like free tickets, go to and click on "be in the audience." you can call 323-461-phil. >> tiffani does not give a crap about anything. >> get that through your head. i don't care. >> i have tried to punish tiffani flat out. she says go ahead, i don't give a [bleep]. >> we've had counselors, we've had anger management, we've had people come out twice a week to work with the family. we've done everything that i can think of to help tiffani out.
4:49 pm
doesn't seem to work. >> dr. phil: would you agree with me that what you see on tape -- you just saw yourself on tape. that that yelling and screaming and cussing and stomping around is not good? >> it's not good. it's not healthy for me. it's not healthy for people around me. even my little brother. it's not healthy for him to see this fighting. >> dr. phil: so you agree that's not a healthy way for you to behave? >> no, it's not. >> dr. phil: i get they're frustrating and they're -- trust me, i get that. >> it just gets worse and worse. nothing -- we can't find anything to help. that's why we reach out to you. >> dr. phil: but that's -- let me tell you what i want to make -- i want to make a recommendation to you. i think you need a break from
4:50 pm
these people. i would like to find somewhere for you to go where you get to selfishly but constructively take care of you for a while. where you get to go someplace that you get to say, i don't have to deal with her, i don't have to deal with him. i get to deal with myself. i get to try to heal what's going on with me and give yourself a chance to get your feet on the ground for you with you. and there's an ulterior motive here. i need some serious time for some serious change to happen with these people over here. because they don't get it right
4:51 pm
now. they don't -- they're missing some things. they want to get it. these are -- you don't have bad parents. they do love you very much. >> i know that. >> but they need some tools they don't have right now. >> we all do. >> and i get that, but i want to be selfish for you. i'm not talking about sending you off somewhere to juvi. i don't want you to look at it like being sent away. if you want to do it, i want to make it a available to you. i'd like you to go to a place that i know about that's called turn-about ranch. it's a therapeutic school environment. i'd like for you to go. i'll tell you, you can stay as long as you want. if you got there and decided i don't like this, okay. you're not being sent away somewhere. it's something that i would do for you, not to you. you wanted to leave, you could leave. if you wanted to stay, you can
4:52 pm
stay. it is a stunningly beautiful place with really nice people and really good therapists that can really help you with your anger, can help you with what you want to do to take care of you and gives me a chance to work on these guys. i asked kristin hayes. she's from the aspen education group. she's here because she can talk about this a little bit. kristin, what do you want to say? >> sometimes it takes a removal from your comfort zone to really affect change and to remove yourself from your home and school environment so you're able to do whatever you want whenever you want. that's what turn-about ranch is about. it's a ranch in utah for teens from 13-17 years old. it's duel licensed. we're uniquely suited for teens
4:53 pm
like you. you'll go to school, participating in daily therapy and you'll also be taking an active part in a working ranch. feeding chickens and riding horses, all of these real-life experiences to help enhance the therapeutic process. at turn-about ranch you'll learn how to work together as a team and establish mutual trust and respect with people rather than acting out in aggression. we all can agree that that's not the most effective way for dealing with your issues. >> dr. phil: i'm telling you, i want you to seriously consider it. >> i really need to think about it. >> dr. phil: and that's okay. all right. now, look, these parents have a lot of work to do. and i'm going to tell them about all of this. we'll be right back. [applause]
4:54 pm
yoo-hoo. hello. it's water from the drinking fountain at the mall. [ male announcer ] great tasting tap water can come from any faucet anywhere. the brita bottle with the filter inside.
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4:57 pm
>> dr. phil: you know, i talked to tiffani about turn-about ranch. as you saw, i approached that in a gentle way. i tell you why, i want this to be her idea. i don't want her to perceive this as i'm the bad kid being sent away for bad behavior. she does have bad behavior. let me tell you, this is a dynamic that is just a tinder box to blow up. so i want her to do that. i suspect we will get that done. i want her to own the decision. if she does, she will go into the program leaning forward instead of dragging her heels and that will make a big difference. so you know, sometimes you got to kind of encourage them rather than direct them. her parents can send her there, but i'd rather it be her idea. a special thanks to kristin hayes from the aspen education group. go to for advice for dealing with your out of control teenage girls as well. we'll see you next time. thanks.
4:58 pm
[applause] next on 9 news now at 5:00 we're tracking big thunderstorms, some of which are severe. we'll tell you when they are going to move through the metro area and what that means to us and the ravens game. >> metro officials announce a plan to keep their lines open deep into the night of the nationals playoff game. i'm ken molestina. we'll have the story coming up. >> protesters shut down wisconsin avenue as they take down fannie mae's unfair foreclosure policies.
4:59 pm
>> this is 9 news now. it's the news football fans everywhere have been waiting for, the nfl's regular referees, they're back in the game. >> all right. well, the deal comes after some blown calls by the replacement refs chin fewer yatesed the -- which infuriated the players, coaches and the fans. >> we have the story coming up for you right now. >> reporter: the nfl's regular referees are headed back to work. the veteran refs will replace the replacements starting tonight with the match-up between the browns and ravens. >> we're aware of all the new rules. we've been working on tests and keeping ourselves in shape. >> reporter: the referees union reached an agreement with the league and commissioner roger goodell after days of intense negotiations. >> i think there was a real pressure i think for everyone to get the officials back on the field this weekend. >> reporter: the replacement refs made numerous controversial calls during the first three weeks of the season. >> the game's final play. >> reporter: but this play during ay

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